3D-graphics, animation and multimedia projects for TV and Web                                                       russian english deutsch franšais
Our exclusive style is performance of complex and non-standard kinds of computer graphics: advanced
animation on sites and  in video-films;  interactive graphics and games on the TV-air;  web- and mobile 
movies; own web-releases.  And we find economic decisions to realize this.
OWN  dewelopment  and  WEB-RELEASES
3D Flash projectors - description and working examples   2012  Active 3D Flash projectors  -  our new technology for Web, games and TV
'Dulce, extraterrestrial base in the USA'. V3D X-files   2010  Dulce base - Victor3D.com declassifies the extraterrestrials/USA government base
the images of the best products for customers
 1996        TV   1996        TV   1996       TV  1996        TV  1996        TV  1997        TV  1997        TV  1997        TV
"The Arms of Saint-Petersburg" for SPb TV. The award "Liteyny bridge fencing" for SPb TV. The award "This hour", SPb TV news design 3D-clip "Four seasons. The autumn" for SPb TV 3D-clip "Four seasons. The winter" for SPb TV 3D-clip "Four seasons. The spring" for SPb TV 3D-clip "Four seasons. The summer" for SPb TV Pre-clip "Premiere" for SPb TV
 1997       TV  1997        TV  1998        TV  1998        TV   1999       TV  1999     Web  1999        TV  1999        TV
Pre-clip "Film-concert" for SPb TV Pre-clip "Playfilm" for SPb TV 3D-pre-clip "Brksayka" for SPb TV-game 3D-stage-clips "Brosayka" for SPb TV-game 3D-animation movie "Brosayka forever" Site for video-studio "D-Quadrant" 3D-clip "Pseudo-Paramaunt" for agency "Prime", SPb 3D-clip "Pseudo-Tristar" for agency "Prime", SPb
 2001      Web   2001    Web  2002      DVD  2003        TV  2003        TV   2003     DVD   2003    Web  2004 TV Live
Web-magazine "Jedi Doctrine" for Lucas On-line ltd. 3D-clip "The fighting beetles" for Lucas On-line ltd. 3D-project "Ring highway of St. Petersburg" 3D-project "Rostral column of St. Petersburg" Documentary UFO film "Secrets of the world" 3D-clip "Satellite war" for film of RF NSA On-line movie "Crossroad", ( hi-res, stereosound ) Interactive "Nostradamus-Show" for TV "STO"
  2005    Web   2005    Web  2006     Web   2006 Mobile   2006 Mobile   2006 Journal  2006 Journal   2007 Journal
3D-girl for cosmetic studio "Art-Visage" Interactiv-photoshow for mobile net company 'Infon' "Kingdom of Ideas", the country of anim-dialogue 'Deputy of Africa'. Mobile phone movie 'Angel on-line'. Mobile phone movie ' Weapon of Buddhian myths ' for 'UFO' journal ' Wands of pharaons ' for 'UFO' journal Ochen, character of the journal
  2007 Festival  2008  Device   2008  Device  2009 Kremlin  2010 FAS RF  2010 3D-test   2011  Device   2012       TV
Design of multimedia festival ' Victor 3D Elmlite ' acoustic system. Device development ' Victor 3D Elmvox ' acoustic system. Device development    Computer graphics video
   of the BRIC countries film  
foráthe government of Russia                  ' Mechanism of growth ',
                   design of TV releases 
of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, 2010 Dog Botanic, 3D test character  -  from MAYA to 3DSMax ' Victor 3D Elmgate ' acoustic system. Device development TV releaeses 'Weather forecast'.
2012  Cinema
 3D-interior of princess room for fairy tale film










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