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Digital artist should be able to draw without computer.  Clean mind, skilful hand, pencil or brush - 
it is the way to understand multidimensionality of the world. Also it is the way to be above slavery
of technologies.  Then the knowledge of graphic software, plugins, patterns and cliparts  does not 
conduct to the handcraft,  that transforms inventing artist into user and gives nothing to spectator.
 Hand made graphics  and  painting  give  the  key  opening doors  in  the  walls  of  concousness.
" News room on TV-tower ", 1993 " Orchestra in the winter " ( russian entertainment ), 1988 " Bello the conductor " ( ancestor of computer games ), 1984 " Demon-technical dynasty " ( progress direction ), 1989 " You begin - they continue " ( demons game ), 1992 " Mitki's, Josy and Lavrik " ( comrades group ), 1990 "Mitki's and Shmonov"( comic attempt to shoot Gorby ), 1991 " Pale fox " ( ancient african astrography ), 1993
 graphics and illustrations
The dogs emotions    The crows thinkings    The ermine shows the karate    Fight of the mongoose against the cobra    Sung U Kung, east epos hero ( bas-relief )    Sung U Kung, monkeys king and dao vizard ( portrait )    Tan Monk, the teacher of Sung U Kung    Sung U Kung became the buddhist    Ju Ba Cze, werewolf... or, more precisely, werepig    Sha Seng, river monster    Like japan art : " Cloudy waterfall ", my degree work, 1998
'Looking at heavenly locations'. Drawing, 2004     'The story of the wolf'. Illustrations to the tale, 2004    'Fight in the UFO". Illustrations to the report, 2004    'Secret service general'. Portrait, 2009    'Lady with electro shocker'. Portrait, 2009








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