" Music Ring " - the vote score on the air
1989. Saint-Petersburg Television Center


Tamara Maximova on announcement invites televiewers to the phone voting.

  Singer Jeanne Aguzarova comes onto "Music Ring " with Round movie from the computer. Today it is the exhibit from TV graphics museum.

Since 1984, the Musical Ring has rattled all over the country - an extreme live show where well-known singers converged in song fights and were subject to questions from the audience in the studio. TV host Tamara Maximova and director Vladimir Maximov filled the “Ring” with new ideas.

When Victor 3D introduced the computer "Agat" into television, the authors of the "Ring" decided to give the TV audience the right to vote. The computer had to count and show the votes, and in addition - moving images of Rounds.

"Agat" had only Basic language and through it drew slow animation. Victor 3D programmed it in processor codes, and animation ran quickly. A program for counting votes from viewers was also created, but how to put the votes into the computer? There were 8 wire phones and 2 "Agat" joysticks with button. That was enough.

Eight phone operators in the studio received the calls from TV viewers. They were given buttons connected to the "Agat" instead of joysticks. A call, a pressing - and the computer added a voice to singer's account on the screen. "Ring" ran in large concert studio, the computer was in the news studio, and it was connected to concert studio.

During the show the operators could not take all the votes, and the account usually did not exceed 2000, but yet for the TV viewers it was participation.

For singers, the "Musical Ring" was a good test. It was possible to get a question like knockout from the public in studio and to get a cold shower when voting. But if singer survived, he became a hero of the TV.