Presentation film "Saint Petersburg Rim Highway"
2001. Saint Petersburg administration
In 2001 the administration of Saint Petersburg had necessity to visually prove new terms and financing of the Rim Highway construction from the federal budget. The main developer of highway - group of companies " Dorservice" - has tried to make presentation film basing on drawings in AutoCAD, but it was not possible, as well as to transfer the drawings to 3D programs, more suitable to video production.   Decision was accepted to order the modeling and the video for film, but in Russia were no studios, able to build the landscape design on some miles. The administration of SPb began to search for studio in Europe and money for it. However the film director Valentina Govorushkina has taken other decision: she invited Victor 3D who has made video of 2 crossroads and has given this technology in "Dorservice". There the film has been made.