Site style of D-Quadrant studio of Boris Dedenev
1998. D-Quadrant studio

Boris Dedenev is well-known director of music videos of 80th and 90th years, and later is art director of some governmental channels.

D-Quadrant studio is the enterprise based by Boris Dedenev in 1993 for producing the TV and a video.

In 1998 Victor 3D as 3D graphics artist cooperated with "D-Quadrant" studio. Boris Dedenev also has suggested him to develop style of studio official site.

Those years the "grey minimal" style was on a wave of web design. Sites contained only the text and small pictures because of traffic 64 kbit by the wire phone modem.

Victor 3D has added this web style by movies. As the browsers of XX century didn't support compressed video, a suitable format was only anim-GIF. Here the main page of the studio site with video buttons without links.

Later the site was made by other designers and changed the view.