Technology    Active 3D flash projectorsВ                                                   for  Inclusion in web-pages, in games and for show                                      Date  2012  
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Telereleases and active Flash, 2012
                  We have created a new technology of 3D graphics show - alternative to 
                3D engines of network and browser games, and also to 3D Flash engines.
                It is active 3D Flash projection. Due to it the object created in 3DSmax,
                projects itself dynamic image, not requiring in external engines. 3D Flash 
                projectors can be easily inserted into Web-pages and in usual Flash products.
                If it is transformed to Flash Projector exe-files, is used separately. It lives in 
                own 3 dimensions and has more activity degrees, than external 3D engines
                would allow.
                   3D Flash projectors are multimedial: it can to be guided by time and date,
                 by the information from files, by commands from drawn buttons, from the 
                 mouse, from the keyboard, from others 3D Flash projectors. It can connect 
                 with an internet server, load into itself mp3 sound and play it to the necessary
                 moments, setting the place in sound panorama. It can load into itself the text
                 and pictures to show on 3D surfaces. Our separate achievement is surface
                 illumination  by light of sun and lamps.
                  3D Flash projectors are unpretentious to hardware. It does not require
                a videocard with accelerators and high capacity processor. It works in any 
                computers, including tablet and pocket devices. And its downloading does 
                not need the high-speed Internet.  
                 How the created objects become 3D Flash projectors? After the export from
                 3DSmax the object in the special translator goes through the optimization 
                 without quality loss: its one-kind triangular elements (Faces) are united to
                 polygons, superfluous vertices are removed, and to details which in 3DSmax 
                 have been named specially, active functions (the button, movement and so
                 forth) are given. Every 3D Flash projector is supplied with the rotary program
                 reacting to observer coordinates. As result it has ability to movement in real
                 time and the small file (multidetailed object with mapping is less than 1 Mb).
                    The most simple application is separate 3D Flash projector showing. 
                 But we have experience to unite the group of 3D Flash projectors to game
                 with common coordinate system.
                  We do not sell the technology. We make for you 3DSmax-objects and from
                 it the active 3D Flash projectors, that you can show in network and without 
                 network, not having hardware and software problems. The prices: 0.00 for
                 technology, it is only for complexity of objects.
                   How it works? Do sound on and will be convinced on examples on the right.
                  Also you can download it as Flash Projector.exe to enjoy full screen quality.
Castle  (495 kb)
Town hall (296 kb)
Museum (370 kb)
Athene temple (237 kb)
Ballad house (212 kb) 
Chinese house  (212 kb) 
Discolith (157 kb) 
Time gate  (336 kb) 
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